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Sweet! I love your use of colors and oddly moving sentiment juxtaposed with the violent imagery. In a weird way it's almost patriotic

deathink responds:

Thanks a lot my man, I'm glad you can appreciate it.

Free Kazoo

JinnDEvil responds:

Free? where? where?

Wow, so serene. I really love the clouds, and the grass looks so lush, excellent detail on the rocks, so good! Maybe I'm reading into it, but I see a lot of frustration in that lake, it's not as happy as the mountains, it gets patchy, and there's stray paint dabs in there. Overall great tho, a lot of personality in this one

MintyFreshThoughts responds:

Yes I did have some difficulty with creating the lake as I havnt practiced enough with painting yet. However, I appreciate you kind feedback! Thank you

Looks good! A little nit-picky thing is that your lines aren't perfectly symmetrical, on that bottom panel, but for freehand, that's still really impressive. It also sort of looks like you work from left to right, anyway great job!

MintyFreshThoughts responds:

Thanks! I love your attention to detail. And yes, I did work from left to right lol.

Nice, does your boardgame have dice, and miniatures? I love the colors, I can never nail atmosphere like this down!

InsolentMinx responds:

It does. Or I guess will have hehe. Thanks again for review

Yeah dude- when I found out the whole origin of the varia suit being like a relic, I thought to myself why doesn't it look more like THIS ^? Then I was like, well it's not from earth, so I guess whatever, anything goes in space, right?

InsolentMinx responds:

Yeah the whole relic thing drove a bit of the inspiration for the piece :) Cheers Democane

Pretty cool. I think it could use more background elements, and the guy doesn't look like the explosion bothers him that much. But your figures and lighting are solid, I can't wait to see more.

doryfor responds:

thank you! it was really just a sketch, but i did try to put some effort in lighting, so i'm happy you liked that !

Dude, killer!

MWArt responds:

Thanks! :-)

The colors and shading are all super on point. I would say if anything- work on your anatomy, and figure drawing, because the pose is good, but from her collarbone down she looks a little long. Great work tho

min3ralWater responds:

whoa she is pretty long, I never saw that before :P Thanks for the review!

I like this one a little more than the final because of the dirty lines of varying sizes, especially where it gets really cluttered by the legs and you kind of have to follow the line with your eye to figure it out.

min3ralWater responds:

Yeah, that's how I usually feel with sketches. Sometimes I just leave them how they are cause they wont have the same charm when finished.

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