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great graphics, music, and controls. My main issue was balance, I really wanted to have fun, but I just didnt. I know you were trying to go for an oldschool feel, but even the hardest old school games gave you powerups often, or mobility to level the playing field.

Gypopothomas responds:

Thanks for the feedback! The game's still not finished. I'll be adding more guns soon!

using the mouse to navigate a game menu for a non-mouse game is one of those things that bothers me. My first instinct was to see what would happen if I just rush the opponent, and once you're sheild to sheild it's anyone's game. I really like this idea, just the engine needs a little more work, like different kinds of strikes- terrain/mobility situations, some kind of parry/ or controlled defense. Music is nice, sfx are cool, character designs are ok, everything's ok.

Lemming1 responds:

Thanks. I have added these things to my notes so I can work on them. Thanks for your feedback =D

A pretty good game, too long for my taste tho. Yeah the throw attack is useless, I tried to do that ninja gaiden thing where you can jump over the ninja star to get more hits, and nope. Even at max it doesn't go far enough, maybe if you threw MORE as you upgraded it would be useful, but you can get pretty fast, and holding the attack makes you a flying scyth anyway, so giving the player a weaker, SLOWER attack, which can't be controlled, and leaves you defenseless, that isn't as useful as just holding the button, was just kind of a waste of programming. What the game REALLY needed was a combo system.

A nice and sweet game about growing up

This game is nuts, and almost makes you feel like you have control, but is ultimately random. If I can make some suggestions, would be to add a double tap function that lets your guy dash one way or the other, or like press both buttons to go straight up, and maybe have like a meter that makes you or your opponent more bouncy

I loved it, I laughed, I felt real disappointment in myself, and I immediately wanted to try again.

scheletro responds:

LOL, Thanks for sharing that!!!

Awesome, I love games that show you actual piano notes. I think if the dog had more funny poses for when he lands on the keys it would improve the presentation, it's also a little quiet, maybe offer the option for a metronome, or some kind of non-intrusive beat.

it made me gag a couple of times, because I could swear I felt the sensation in my esophagus.

The presentation is bland, and the collision is almost non-existent. I really love the idea tho. A full adventure sneaking out of school should be fun, but this feels like a rushed clone of an iphone game.

Really good, and fun. The metal motif is a plus. My trophies wouldn't unlock, and maybe it's my pc, but there was massive slowdown when I started getting those green crystals.

Cartoons are awesome, games are amazing, and music is my life.

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